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Provocate’s Picks

  • [heartland films]

    Discover the world in the dark at the 2017 Heartland Film Festival, one of the great film fests in the

  • [civic engagement]

    Discover new ways to shape the community of Central Indiana, learn how to be part of something special

  • [history lessons]

    What happened in the past has a profound impact on the present and future.

  • [films]

    Discover the world in the dark, then stay to discuss what you watched

  • [food]

    Explore the ways that the production and consumption of food raise questions of the environment and scial justice

  • [literary]

    It's summertime, read a book, or talk to a writer ... it might change your world

  • [religion]

    For many people, it's the most important part of their lives. Is that good or bad? Talk with religious people and find out

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