Sept. 6 + [indytalks] = Timmy global health conversation

You know you've been waiting for it — This is your chance to discuss tangible strategies for expanding access to healthcare in Indianapolis and around the world.

Aug. 26 + [networking] = African mixer

One of the great stories of Indy's growing diversity = the waves of young professionals from across Africa who are making Indiana home. Meet dozens of these smart newcomers and start talking about the city's future

Aug. 25 + [discussion] = Central {America + Indiana}

Tens of thousands of unaccompanied children from Central America have crossed the border. Hundreds are being settled with Hoosier families. How we can address challenges in Indy and Central America

Sept. 7 + [festival] = faiths connecting

It's Indy at its most diverse. Food + music, Jews + Muslims, drumming circle and a parade that looks like a multi-confessional Gen Con. Even SBNRs ("spiritual but not religious") will have a part.

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